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Causes - Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary


Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary provides permanent high-quality sanctuary care for New World monkeys being retired from laboratory research, ex-pets, or monkeys who have been confiscated by the authorities. Jungle Friends rescues and houses primates in need of help from across the country. The majority of our monkeys are either cast-offs of the exotic pet trade or retired from laboratory research. Many of our monkey residents arrive with psychological and physical problems as a result of being isolated, neglected, malnourished, or abused.


The primary goal of our organization is to rehabilitate our monkeys medically and psychologically and ultimately socialize them with members of their own species. Through our unique primate housing system and socialization procedures, Jungle Friends has successfully integrated our monkeys into groups of varying sizes who live in heavily enriched, spacious indoor/outdoor habitats.

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