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$8 of every item purchased will be donated to Florida Wildlife Corridor



Florida loses 20 acres of land each hour to new development. Without aggressive protection of natural and agricultural lands, an additional 5 million acres of these vital areas will be lost by 2070. Florida's natural environment is critical to both wildlife and people - with more than 80 unique ecosystem types and over 100 listed species calling Florida home. It's up to us to protect the special places that we love for wildlife and future generations.


Florida Wildlife Corridor collaborates with agencies and supporters to conserve priority areas, engages in youth education programs, and inspires people from all walks of life to experience the beauty of wild Florida. This year, specifically, FWC will highlight the 10 most critical areas in need of urgent protection in the state through effective advocacy, compelling multi-media products like videos and photography, and outdoor learning experiences. This team is working hard to reconnect more people to the landscapes that root and nourish them, and that provide safety, refuge and prosperity to the wildlife that calls Florida home.