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Meet The Team!


James Weingarten:
James is the Grand Daddy-O of FLOAT Apparel. He helps the lives of animals and promotes environmental well-being every chance he gets. As if that weren't enough, he found a way to help people look good while doing it. His ongoing love of wildlife began with his collection of 50+ plush stuffed animal companions (we think they are from childhood but nothing solid confirms this). He continues to travel to various spots around the globe to tap into nature’s best experiences.

Helping people who support globally conscious causes is James’ passion. Behind all that hair is a man with a plan to help save the planet and all of its creatures- fluffy, fuzzy, scaly and scary, alike. When this Colorado native is not helping non-profits, he can be found riding his bike off of large, intimidating rocks and walking his giant dog, medium dog, small dog, cat and cat.

Jacki Frost: Always good for a “hey y’all”, Jacki comes to us from "The Natural State" of Arkansas. She can run a campaign as smooth as a criminal. What that boils down to, especially in the eleventh hour with orders that need fulfilling, campaigns that need launching and numbers that need numbering, is that Jacki is everyone’s right-hand man (though she happens to be a lady).

With a knack for the click of a lens, Jacki is often found at the local animal shelter making all the pretty good looking dogs look pretty great so they can find homes. She also enjoys strapping tennis rackets on her feet to walk for miles upon miles in winter wonderlands while accompanied by her dog, Dixie, who rocks a spandex suit.

Wes Vickerman: Wes is our Picasso de Computer. He’s got an entire animal kingdom running around in his head. A master wrangler, Wes calls upon these creatures when necessary and translates them into awestruck designs that our non-profits use to represent their causes.

Wes knows all animals inside and out, a true modern day Noah. He’s got a way with art that cannot be imitated or replicated. When we want original, inspirational and incredible, we shine our special emblem out into the dark skies and Wes never fails to answer the call. We got him a cape and some tights but “says” he wouldn’t wear them.


Kristy Myers: Kristy coordinates our social media efforts as well as helps to fill our calendar. She also does a little wordsmithing and sometimes pushes a pixel from here to there. Originally from the Northeast, she relocated to Colorado in 2005 because she thought it would be nicer to look at mountains while stuck in traffic.

Animal causes have always been important to Kristy, sometimes dragging home dead birds as a child to be buried in the backyard (it was highly frowned upon). In her spare time, Kristy is an AirBnB for homeless dogs, climbs giant mountains in unanticipated weather conditions, and speaks foreign languages poorly in other countries.