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About Us



For Love Of All Things, or FLOAT, is a new breed of company promoting socially, environmentally and globally conscious consumerism. We create awareness & funding for the world's best non-profits by conducting limited edition apparel campaigns and contributing $8 from every sale to the current weeks cause.


Every week FLOAT partners with a new charity. We create unique designs that represent the charity's cause and for every purchase made at during that week, FLOAT donates $8 to the current weeks charity. This donation is reflected in a completely transparent fashion through the 'tickers' found on our site that keep track of exactly how much money we are contributing. For each item sold, the ticker amount will go up by $8 (please allow time for the payment to clear). At the end of the week, we cut a check to that weeks organization for whatever the ticker says. Simple as that.

By selling direct through our website and eliminating the ‘brick and mortar’ store front we are able to eliminate the typical costs associated with retail distribution and 'float' that percentage of our revenues to non-profit organizations. We print limited edition shirts to order once a week, eliminating excess inventory and creating a unique, limited edition product. Finally, since our products are shipped directly to you, we eliminate the various negative impacts associated with packaging and shipping products that will be for sale in a retail store.


FLOAT was born in the fresh air and undisturbed wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. We live to be outside. We ride bikes, ski, dive, hike & climb.  We love nature, trees, mountains, oceans, rivers and all types of animals.  But we don't take all these things for granted.  The world is in trouble and it needs help!  Luckily, there are organizations (and people!) trying to make a difference, but creating the awareness and funding they need is a daunting task.  We believe that businesses are in a unique position to affect positive change and create funding solutions for these organizations so they can focus their attention where it needs to be: on the cause.  

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