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$8 of every item purchased will be donated to Humane Society International/Canada


Governments from all levels sometimes introduce breed-specific legislation to address the issue of dog bites and attacks. BSL targets specific breeds of dogs by imposing restrictions on or simply banning their ownership. BSL is said to be for public safety, yet there is no evidence that breed-specific laws or regulations reduce dog bites or attacks. These policies aren’t founded on science or credible data, but on myths and misinformation surrounding different breeds. Their impact on dogs, families and animal shelters, however, is heartbreakingly real. Tragically, breed-based policies have caused the deaths of countless dogs whose only crime was to resemble a certain breed.


HSI/Canada is a leading force for animal welfare and a voice for all animals. HSI/C  strongly opposes breed-based policies and encourages communities to adopt breed-neutral legislation that is proven to be effective in improving public safety. HSI/C is actively working on opposing BSL in the province of Quebec, on municipal and provincial levels, by educating policy-makers as well as the public on the reality of BSL and by promoting responsible pet ownership and breed-neutral measures that are effective. Learn the truth about BSL, and help make breed-based policies a thing of the past!