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Today alone, 22 veterans will commit suicide and 45 will attempt it. If these numbers scare you, then you should know that these numbers are skewed. These numbers only come from the 22 states that track Veteran suicides, which does not include the two largest military states, Texas and California.  These numbers only come from the first two years of the Iraq war and one year of the Afghanistan war. They do not include events such as the Gulf war, 9/11, Vietnam or any other Military actions. Fifty percent of our Veterans suffer from combat related PTSD. That is an estimated 10.6 million Veterans living with PTSD every day.  


Many studies have shown the positive effects of dogs on our physical, mental and emotional well being. Alpha K9 rescues local shelter dogs and trains them to become full trained PTSD service dogs for Veterans and civilians in need. These dogs allow these people to become more independent and live fuller, happier lives. Since its inception, Alpha K9 has provided over 1,000 PTSD service dogs, many of which were donated, to Veterans in need. We have not lost one Veteran to suicide since, but our real win is when we can bring families back together. Please help us to save lives, one dog at a time. 

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