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Causes - American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign


Every year, the federal government uses low flying helicopters to stampede thousands of wild horses into pens and clear them off public lands so that commercial interests can turn a profit. These round ups are far below the standard of humane treatment of animals that most Americans will tolerate, yet these tactics have been used for decades far out of public view. As a consequence, there are now more wild horses stockpiled in government holding facilities than live free in the wild. If we don’t act to stop these cruel practices, wild horses will soon be gone forever. 


AWHPC seeks a holistic and humane approach to managing wild horses and burros with a program that focuses on safe and humane fertility control instead of removals, promotes healthy ecosystems by protecting predators, improves range stewardship, and addresses resource inequalities. AWHPC aims to provide a fairer share of resources on public lands for wild horses and burros, and increase in population levels to allow for healthy and genetically sustainable wild horse and burro populations over the long term.

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