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Every year on National Bird Day—January 5—we take time to appreciate the native, wild birds flying freely outside our windows, but also reflect on how we treat the wild birds native to other countries: the birds we most often see in cages. Even when bred in captivity, these exotic birds are not domesticated, and all of their inherent behavioral and physical needs remain intact. Sadly, when it comes to these animals, deprivation of their natural behaviors (to fly and flock, for example) is an inescapable component of their captivity.


As part of the 14th annual National Bird Day on January 5, 2016, Born Free USA is asking popular websites and the public to stop sharing online videos of birds in captivity. While possibly entertaining to some, videos of captive parrots, parakeets, cockatoos, and other birdsinadvertently promote the myth that these animals are domesticated pets. The reality is that birds are wild, intelligent animals with emotional and physical needs that cannot be met in captivity.

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