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Causes - Centre For Orangutan Protection


Rainforests are the lungs of the planet - when they are totally eradicated eventually so are we. Habitat destruction from illegal logging, conflict palm oil, the pulp and paper industry and small-scale farmers is happening at an alarming rate. This causes major problems for the wildlife who live within these rainforests and on a larger scale, the planet. Orangutans are an important part of this ecosystem as they are the gardeners of the forest. They play a vital role in seed dispersal and in maintaining the health of the forest ecosystem, which is important for people and a host of other animals, including tigers, Asian elephants and Sumatran rhinos.


The Centre for Orangutan Protection is a small group of environmental & wildlife activists based in Indonesia. They document illegal habitat destruction, rescue and care for orangutans as well as other wildlife. They are currently building a rescue and rehabilitation centre called COP Borneo in North East Kalimantan as all other centres are full due to overflowing. COP Borneo is being funded by COP’s partner With Compassion & Soul. 

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