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Causes - Chimps Inc.


Captive chimpanzees in the U.S. are bred for the pet and entertainment industries but after a few short years the natural expression of behaviors such as aggression and excitement prove to be unmanageable and potentially dangerous to the humans they live with. Inevitably, these apes become victims of isolation, abuse, and neglect which inflict untold mental harm to the animal. Since a chimpanzee may live to 60 years of age in captivity, the task of providing a suitable living environment is incredibly difficult.  Thousands of our thinking, feeling relatives have been shuffled off to grisly roadside zoos, animal warehouse, or quietly euthanized.


Chimps Inc. is a sanctuary specifically designed to provide lifetime care to captive chimpanzees rescued or retired from the pet and entertainment industries. We are dedicated to overcoming the exploitation and cruelty that they face through advocacy, conservation, education and outreach.

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