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Causes - Elephant Sanctuary


Imagine you are an elephant. You are poached from the wilds of Asia or Africa and shipped to the United States. You live a life of solitary confinement, in a cage with a heavy chain wrapped around your ankle and are forced to perform tricks for the entertainment of onlookers. You live in constant fear and uncertainty. Such is the life of many captive elephants.


The Elephant Sanctuary exists for two reasons: To provide a haven for old, sick or needy elephants in a setting of green pastures, dense forests, spring-fed ponds and heated barns for cold winter nights. - To provide education and raise awareness of the plight of elephants in captivity and the crisis facing elephants in the wild.  The Sanctuary provides captive elephants a natural habitat, individualized care, and the opportunity to live out their lives in a safe haven dedicated to their well-being.

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