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Causes - Mara Conservancy


In the late 1990’s the Northwestern sector of the Maasai Mara National Reserve, known as the Mara Triangle, suffered from severe mismanagement and only one-third of the region was considered secure. In the remainder of the triangle, which went largely unvisited by security staff and tourists, poaching and illegal grazing were out of control and thousands of wild animals were being killed annually.


In 2000, the Mara Conservancy was established to manage the Mara Triangle in collaboration with the Trans Mara County Council and work with local leaders, communities and partners in effort to keep the region healthy for people, wildlife and Kenya. Through conservation efforts based on a partnership of trust and respect with the Maasai community, local authorities and tourists the Conservancy aims to create a secure environment for wildlife, visitors and the community in the Mara Triangle.

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