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Causes - Maxfund


When dogs and cats become abandoned and/or stray due to no fault of their own they are often not given a second chance at life. Overcrowded shelters lack the resources necessary to feed, care for and find suitable homes for them. Instead they live their final days in fear and isolation before being euthanized, only to have another unlucky animal take their place.


'The little shelter with a big heart', MaxFund is Denver's only true no-kill shelter and has been serving abandoned and stray dogs and cats since 1988. Maxfund provides a safe haven where homeless animals are provided with food, shelter, veterinary care and the time necessary to find a forever home, even for older and infirm animals that would be euthanized by other shelters for being 'unadoptable'. Time and again Maxfund has proven that there is a loving home for every dog and cat.

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