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Tucked into a high elevation watershed along the west slope of the Continental Divide in central Colorado are the headwaters of the Eagle River and Camp Hale, once used as a warfare training camp during World War II. The Eagle River, which once meandered through the wetlands at Camp Hale was dredged, rerouted and straightened as part of the camps development. Today, the Eagle River headwaters are essentially ‘disconnected’ from their natural floodplain as a result of the deep channelization of the river.


The National Forest Foundation is working closely with communities, donors, conservation organizations and the U.S. Forest Service to nurture a truly collaborative approach to restoring the Eagle River while preserving the important culture and history of Camp Hale.  The revitalized forests and streams, habitats and recreation resources will attract future generations to savor the adventure, beauty and inspiration of this treasured landscape.

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