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Causes - National Mill Dog Rescue


Profit-hungry commercial dog breeders have established puppy mills where dogs are treated as commodities and bred in deplorable conditions. Puppy mill 'moms' live in misery, being forced to produce one litter after another, and are commonly kept alone in small, cold, wire cages with little or no veterinary care for years on end.

Teddy was born and raised in a puppy mill, where he lived for 7 years as a breeding dog to produce pet store puppies. He was rescued along with Gwinnie (his soulmate) by National Mill Dog Rescue in August, 2012 and the two were adopted together. At the time of rescue, both dogs were very scared and unsocialized. Teddy was extremely thin, had eye ulcers and rotting teeth, a very typical condition of dogs from puppy mills. Gwinnie was very thin, suffering from pyometra and hernias. Teddy has scars on the top of his nose and small chunks missing from both of his ears. Not knowing what he endured at the puppy mill, we can only guess as to the cause, possibly cage fights or frostbite. He also runs crookedly because one hip is shorter than the other, but it doesn’t slow him down. He is a survivor!
Teddy, whose tagline is "Life is Good", was the team driver for Harley in the 'Harley to the Rescue' missions -- Dogs Saving Dogs. He educates the public about puppy mills, supports National Mill Dog Rescue, and continues the 'Harley to the Rescue' legacy as #HarleysDreamKeeper.

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