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Causes - Rhinos without Borders


Poaching is now at an all-time high in Africa. Fueled by a rising global demand, the illegal trade in rhino horn has seen the number of rhino poached in Africa increase significantly in recent years. This ominous trend can only be reversed if governments, conservation-minded companies and individuals unite to take immediate action, standing shoulder-to-shoulder to stem the losses of these iconic animals.


Through Rhinos Without Borders, the Great Plains Foundation, in partnership with And Beyond, have committed to moving 100 rhinos (both black and white) from the highest poaching zones in South Africa, to the lowest poaching zones in the whole of Africa, Botswana. Once released into the wild, the rhino are protected and monitored by anti-poaching teams. Since the project began, a little over a year ago, 26 rhino have been relocated and released. And the next generation has already begun…with three calves born to relocated females this spring! Through Rhinos Without Borders the Great Plains Foundation hopes to turn the tide on the poaching crisis and give hope to a species emblematic of the African wilderness.

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