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Marketing Tips Old


Thank you for partnering with FLOAT for your upcoming fundraising campaign! Following are a list of marketing strategies that are based on the methods of our most prosperous and successful campaigns. It should not be regarded as an exhaustive list but rather as a starting point and a foundation to be built upon. You and your team should enjoy yourself and have fun as you spread the word about the campaign and watch your donations add up!

  1. Ramping up – Include a mention of the campaign in an email to your constituents in the weeks leading up to the campaign.
  2. Launch – Send a specific email about the campaign to your constituents on the first morning of the campaign.
  3. Last Chance – Let your followers know that they have 2 more days to get their shirts before they’re gone forever!
  4. Follow-up – Let your followers know how much money you were able to raise with their help and how that money is being used to further your cause.

Let people know about your campaign early and often and don’t be shy about asking them to help you spread the word, they’re on your side!

Sister/Partner/Affiliated Organizations – Join forces for the greater good!

  • This is the place to ask yourself and your team:
    • What organizations have we collaborated with in the past?
    • How can they help us to reach as large an audience as possible?
    • Emails? Social Media Posts? Other?

Personalities/Celebrities – Many of FLOAT’s partner organizations work closely with well know personalities who give a huge boost to their campaigns.

  • Engage via phone or email at least 8 weeks prior to campaign.
  • In certain instances FLOAT is able to print shirts in advance of the campaign so photos of influential people wearing those shirts can be shared when the campaign begins.
  • Ask for mentions on FB, Twitter, etc.
  • Use #Hashtags to engage personalities affiliated with your cause

Traditional Press – In addition to web-based marketing it is also a good idea to market your campaign through more traditional channels.

  • Press releases can be prepared in advance and sent out in the days leading up to the campaign to:
    • Local News Stations
    • National News Stations
    • Local Newspapers
    • National Newspapers

Word of Mouth

  • Do not underestimate the power of word-of-mouth!
  • Ask your employees, your peers, your board members and everyone else affiliated with your organization to use emails, social media and word of mouth to build a ‘buzz’ around the campaign.
  • EVERY person counts – Just one mention to the right person can bring your campaign great success.

Bloggers –Bloggers have an wide reach and can carry a lot of influence.

  • Build relationships with bloggers in advance. They will be a benefit to your organization for the purposes of this campaign and otherwise.
  • Utilize their reach to create buzz about the campaign, synchronize posts with them and ask them how else they can help!

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your followers and ask them to do the same! Every person can make a difference and take you one step closer to achieving and exceeding your donation goal!